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We are sadden to announce the passing of our Vice President:

Mr. Eddie Floyd Gregory

On July 21st, 2020
(5:17 pm)

He passed away peacefully.

Surrounded by his family.

Due to Covid-19, we are currently closed...  as ALL our Programs are "Group" focused. Please check back when the pandemic is over. Thank you & God Bless!

KeyNote Speaker: Miss Sabrina Oxford

Hire Public Speaker on Foster care & Faith
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(People's Reach Out On Foster-care)

*Heard on KYNT 1450  Radio
**Read in "The Observer"
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(State Fair 2018, Fox 9+ News, MN)
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Summer 2019 Scholarship Mosaic

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People's Reach Out On Fostercare

NEWS: 2018 PROOF SCHOLARSHIPS makes,, the sole creator of mosaics for their new 5wk competition program for  Foster Care teens & emancipated adults seeking future educational funding.

This program is designed for any adult who has already emancipated out of the Foster Care System by August 1, 2018, will end High School by May 2019, &/or born as their fist generational off-spring. We offer a 5 wk program in the form of a competition between 5 teams. This program teaches leadership skills, delagation of tasks & responsibilities to their team members, abilities of  follow through. 

Expectations of Submissions:
A)     Submit a 3-5 minute video about your educational goals, ; ending with your name, how long you were in foster care, & when you left.

B)     Also include the top 3 Acts of Kindness you have done for another (family & immediate friendships are not acceptable submissions), why you did the action, & what was the end result.

C)     All submissions can be sent through either a link (free to use) to: or through the submission button in the top right of this page. 
*Please END video with your name & contact information.

*Final winner chosen is based on the board's recommendation of who will make the most contribution to society with their funded education.

*Application Fee
 be dropped off, in person at :

"The Tax Ladies"
909 Broadway Yankton,
*call to arrange your time. 

Call Tammy Craig: 605.664.8644

or pay with
"Buy Now" Button

Sumbit Student Video Here:

Email your Video to:

Don't Delay, Do Today!

*NEXT Deadline:
May 31st, 2020

As of Nov. 1st, 2019

What to help but don't want your photo in a mosaic ? 

*A Random photo will be used in your place.