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For the Price of a Pizza
Change a life!

YES! Outside State Foster-care Contestants May Apply. You must secure your own housing arrangements over your contest time frame.

How the Program works:


STEP 1: Submit your VIDEO!
The foundation board members will choose the top 5 finalists. Half our choice stems from their video submission alone.

STEP 2 : The TOP 5

Become a "Team Captain".

Each "Team Captain" will be responsible for seeking out 4 team members to join them in their educational mission. They may use family, friends, churches, schools, or anywhere they may gather up to 4 others to join their team. Thus, allowing us to help them develop &/or gain needed leadership skills, improve their abilities to work well with others, & increase simple math knowledge.

Benefits to Team Players

Each Team Captain is provided a budget of $1/photo entered properly. This funding is provided to pay team players; similar to a boss who has to pay their employees. 

As our foundation desires to send as many emancipated foster care, adults/teens/& children of, to college as possible; we incorporated an incentive program for teams who finished before time ran out.

Any team who completes their mosaic, with time to spare, may assist another team on their mosaic grid. Our foundation will now offer $2/photo entered in another team's mosaic. As such, this shall continue, increasing $1/photo on each new mosaic.

Example as follows:

Mosaic A  =  $1/Photo Entered

Mosaic B  =  $2/Photo Entered

Mosaic C  =  $3/Photo Entered

Mosaic D  =  $4/Photo Entered

Mosaic E  =  $5/Photo Entered

STEP 3 : CHOOSING THE MOSAIC: Our Foundation believes in sending out kindness, as such, each mosaic created will be sent out as a random act of kindness chosen by the team. A letter will be sent along with the gift explaining why they were chosen. Students are encouraged to choose someone they feel influenced their life the most, a school they have attended, church, hospital, police station, or anyone they fell could use an appreciation gift for the good they have already put out in the world.

STEP 4  RUN THE CONTEST: Over the next 5 weeks, each team will compete to fill their chosen mosaic grid with photographs that come from paying customers. For the small price of a pizza we can change a future! (Each person entering their photo will receive a FREE Mosaic JPEG file of their choosing and some may WIN MORE... Please read our "Prize Page").

STEP 5  AWARDS DINNER: All teams, and their families, are welcome to join the foundation for an awards dinner at the end of each 5wk contest.  Prize winners will be contacted and invited to attend the awards diiner as well.

5% of Profits goes back to the supporting School/Company!

Faces in the Grid
Application Deadlines


Aug. 15th, 2018       Completed

Nov. 1st, 2018          Completed


Feb.  21st  2019        NEXT UP!    

March 15th,  2019

July 31st, 2019

Oct. 15th 2019