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"Finding The Worthy"
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*Due to social distancing, we've created a YouTube channel to continue assisting foster-care over this Covid-19 time-frame. May we all stay safe & healthy this 2020. God bless each of us... Amen!!

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*Finding The Worthy Internet TV Station 
Started May 21st, 2020

Pilot Show "Format" Click yellow "King & Queen of Kindness for station link: 

                                       (((King & Queen of Kindness)))

The basic layout of our show... error, we announce last weeks winners at the end of the show not the week we are on~ to give us time to count up the votes after 24hrs. 

Weekly Shows will 1st be posted to this site for 1st viewing, but will be removed and placed onto our "Finding The Worthy" YouTube channel. 

*Funding raised from the YouTube views goes to help foster kids go to college.


How do we Chose?

We are seeking 50 males / 50 Females each year ( 1 each /week) for a special yearly Awards Ceremony for the King & Queen of Kindness and need YOUR HELP FINDING THEM. Submit a short video, for airing on our weekly show coming this Spring, about the person YOU feel should be Crowned as "King or Queen" of Kindness and we may be on our way to interview them for an upcoming show! Tell us why they, or even you, should be worthy of this title. A Text-To-Vote Showdown will decide the final winners!!

What do the winners get?

Our weekly show will talk about the chosen male/female for that week. Their stories of "Worthiness will be written up in a "Sabrina Oxford" book. Sabrina Oxford is a world known author & Blog Talk Radio Host whose been lifting up those in the world doing acts of kindness, creating goodness, products, & Wisdom to share across the globe. As she continues her journey in seeking out those willing to make a difference in the world Sabrina brings us a new internet show where your choice matters. Become part of the show by texting to vote for your favorite kindness person of the year on the season finales. 

Also, a special invite to a Spectacular Weekend filled with a Masquerade Ball,  "Royal" Dinner, the Crowning Ceremony, Spinning of Prize Wheel, & Much More Fun! The winners of this year will also be invited to come back the next year to crown that year's King and Queen of Kindness; and so forth.

*IF you voted for one of the 2 people who made the King and Queen of Kindness then YOU may end up winning a prize too! (This is a future feature)

How does the internet program work?

All 100, 50 men & 50 women, will be invited to a special Costume Driven Masquerade Ball, a next day Brunch; where each will be live interviewed & narrowed down to the top 10 (5 males/5 females). The Top 10 will be given 10 Ping-Pong Balls to write an item on that they would like to receive as their prize(s). The more votes the more prizes they could receive.

The "Royal Dinner" dressed in "Royal Style" where the Top 2 (1 male & 1 Female) will be Crowned as the King & Queen of Kindness.

After the Top 2 are Crowned they will have a chance at the Spinning Wheel to win one, or more, of 10 Random Prizes. They will Place their wrote out prize options listed on each of their ping-pong balls, place them into a container, and as they pull the "X" amount of balls from the container... we will list them on the prize wheel in order received. ONE prize, #10, will always be the same: (((THE GRAND JACKPOT)))

HALF the funds raised from the text to votes at the dinner!!

If they receive "X" number of votes (TBA) they may spin the wheel more than once for a second, or third, chance at willing the Grand Jackpot, plus their first chosen gift option. *Once the Grand Jackpot is won, all spinning options are completed. Those who need more explanation on what this means: IF you get the Grand Jackpot on your first spin and qualified for more spins... you don't get the second+ spin(s) as the Jackpot has already been won.

(*Exception to this rule may, or may not, occur depending on future additions & funds raised).

Who gets the other Half of the "Text-To'Vote" funds raised?

Each student, who signs up for the college scholarship program "B" will become part of the team helping to arrange the year-end "Crowning Ceremony" and will split the income gained from the season finale for their college expenses.

Future Show for "Finding The Worthy" Internet Station

Here are the next 3 "Internet TV" Shows we'd like to create on our "Finding The Worthy" YouTube channel.

We want YOUR help in choosing which one we do next. Really simple honestly, please read over the description of each show idea and vote for the one you want next. The one with the most votes is the one we'll create. Blessings & Thank you for Spreading kindheartedness around the world.

“American Monarch”

{Version 1A}

Step 1) 2 Teams (Men/Women) Chosen

Step 2) Each team takes the week to “collect kind deeds”
(worthy deeds done around the usa by others)

Step 3) The team to collect the most, unique kind deeds
wins a special prize- TBA

Step 4) Presentation of Teams “BEST Act of Kindness” found is turned in for viewing.

Step 5) Text-to-vote Team A/B selected the best deed: (judge on)
A) Is an example on how we should be treating each other

B) Person who Found the best kind deed used for presenting
C) The deed(s) they turned in Created the biggest difference

Step 6) Winning Team Announced from Text-To-Vote tally.

Step 7) (Fanfare plays) Winning Team comes in the “Royal Court” Room

Step 8) Court decides who was the kindness personality of the Winning team. (Drum roll)

Welcome to the Royal Court Prince/Princess.....
(drum roll finishes)...
Announce Name.

Step 9) Give them their crown/tiara, royal robe/clothes to join the “court judges” next week,
(Like Survivor where the loser gets kicked off and joins the judges quarters). Say “Tage-line” when crowning: “Proven Royal”. Take your seat ro join the Royal Court.

Step 8) Season Finale: Review of each player, their top “X” choice to place on the prize wheel if they win, & then Text to vote on the top “X” (1,2,3).

A) 1- Only one King or Queen, the person viewers want to win

B) 2- One from each team: a King & a Queen

C) 3- Top 3, either team, all based on who the viewers want.

End Show: Hold a Dinner & Royal Ball, Those chosen by text will be announced & get to spin the Wheel of Prizes where they can add “X” number of prizes but one prize always stays the same:
The Jackpot (which is “ALL prizes on wheel”).

Prize option ideas:

Step 1) Pay for Month/Year Rent

Step 2) A New House paid off

Step 3) A New Car

Step 4) A “Royal” Trip to London

Step 5) Free month/year Groceries

Step 6) Favorite “Activity” items: Golf, Camping, etc. Equipment

Step 7) Assigned item or something they add
Step 8) Assigned item or something they add

Step 9) *Something they add (Always)
Item 10) *Jackpot Prize (Always)

* Maybe add: 1 random chosen “Voter” gets a prize too; if their vote helped the team win that week. (Encourage more voting each week)

**To get on the show, turn in a short video of kind & worthy deeds they have done, a complication they have over come, and why they entered to be on the show. Use portion of these for the start of the first show.

Becoming Royal"

{Version 2A}

Step 1) Each of the 2 Teams do an act of Kindness for a “needed” area (family/person in need, house painting/cleaning, helping a group of people/non-profit(s), local business/church/community at large, ect.

Step 2) Text-to-voters chose which team did the best. That team gets a special “X”.

Step 3) The K/Q meet with both teams for “Q&A Time” about their act of kindness deed (Why that one?, What did they Learn?, Etc.).

Step 4) “Stay or Go” Time: King, Queen, & *Royal Court additions choose -who got “The Kindness of them All” Award. Which is the one person they feel put their heart and soul into the act of kindness task of the week.

Step 5) This person gets to now take a seat in the Royal Court for helping to choose the all future weeks “Stay or Go” outcomes. They will also receive a “STAY” Award”; which they must now choose who to GIVE the Award to. They must pick someone from the Losing Team. Thus, saving this member from elimination that week!

Step 6) The Royal Court chooses 1 person is eliminated, but can't be someone with a “Save Award”. This should be who is thought to have shown the least amoung of “kindness” in that weeks kindness task.

Step 7) Only those who end up in the court are allowed to the text-to-vote show down on the season finale.

Season Finale: Royal Formal Dinner (& Dress “Ball” attire) for those who made the Royal Judes Court. One person, from that group, who wins a text-to-Vote Showdown among them. Gets to spin the prize wheel listed in version A1.

"Magic Mirror" 
"Birthday Wishes"

Step 1) “Show your kindness/emotional strength” 2-4 Teams with “10-12” players who must preform task(s) (one that shows strength of character. Text-to-vote top team(s) *Task(s) can be “Escape type rooms: both puzzle solving, or “scary” room.

Step 2) Half move through “Door 1”

Step 3) “Purity/innocents” Test” task(s) for Players to perform which shows/displays “purity” in action. Text-to-vote top players. (Escape room/team building/trust fall/etc. type of task)

Step 4) Half move through “Door 2”

Step 5) Players “Present your Request/Choice”. Perform a task to “retrieve their request” out of a game to earn 1-3 gifts they want. Also, they say what their wish/desire(s) actually is/are to the viewers. Top Text-to-vote #'s decides who moves forward. (“Gladiator/Maze Run/task to get their request wrote on paper in a box they must retrieve).

Season End:

Step 6) Top Player(s) Stand before the “Magic Mirror”/Genie/etc. To “Present Your Case” Which is where they explain WHY they want their “Wish/desire” fulfilled.

Step 7) Players bring 2/3 “Witnesses” to speak on behalf of the player. Share a story they have about the person that shows “worthiness of receiving” their request.

Step 8) Conversation between the Magic Mirror/Genie goes as follows:
*(Actual Words may alter)
Mirror: Who Speaks for You?

Player: Play states the relationship only of each player (My parent, child, neighbor, stranger(someone they have known 1 month or less), other family members, friend, maybe even a foe?).

Mirror: Who Speaks for You?

Witness: 1st Witness says their name & story as to why they speak up for player

Mirror: What's your greatest Kindness?

Player: Player shares an Act of Kindness they have done for someone.

Mirror: Who Speaks for You?

Witness: 2nd Witness says their name & story as to why they speak up for player

Mirror: What is your Greatest “Wrong”?

Player: Player has to share a real-life “I did you wrong” story and WHY they did that person/thing wrong.

Mirror: Who Speaks for you?
Witness: 3rd Witness says their name & story as to why they speak up for player

Step 9) Text-to-vote on Y/N if they player should get their desire/gift.

Step 10) Mirror will answer Yes or No with a shared “wisdom” comment as to why or why not.

Step 11) If Yes, the person receives their prize(s). If no, they go away with a much lesser consolation prize.

“American Mo

Vote for Show A

Becoming Royal"

Vote for Show B

"Magic Mirror" 
"Birthday Wishes"

Vote for Show C

*No creation of these shows, or shows "Close enough" to be these shows are allowed with the written consent of myself, the creator, or the next living family relations (including birth family of mother, brothers, or sisters).

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