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(((Company "Fast Track"  Program)))

Companies, who want to support a foster child's post-secondary education, may choose our "Fast Track" Program for a qualifying employee. The supporting Company receive 5% of profits per employee; they send through our Scholarship Program (MN/SD only).
*We also provide two other options. Please click photo to enlarge &/or download:

Fast Track Program is designed to help those 24+, who are already in the work force, and therefore are NOT subject to the competition of "5" students, NOR must wait for the next competition date... you may start your project time 3-5 business days AFTER video/applications are reviewed & accepted. Each employee, going through this program, still has the same 5 weeks to fill a mosaic grid with photos of their friends, family, co-workers, & newbies/strangers.

If you have not yet attended post-secondary education, or want/need more to move up in your company & life... then this program is for you!!

A good video submit, and the support of your company, will allow a mosaic grid to be completed in no time flat! The faster the grid is filled the better the rewards that accompany the scholarship! Prizes for all and everyone in the grid gets a FREE PHOTO jep. file to download, print out, and hang on their own wall. We encourage the "Cover Photo" to be chosen from one of these 3 options: company building, a deserving employee, or the founder/owner. To be given as a gift to the worthy location/person.

*Our main goal is to help those who need the help, want the help, and are willing to give back for their help. Please email your video: