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Meet The Founder

Founder & President
Most know me as by my Penn Name: Spiritual Author & Radio Host"Sabrina Oxford. I was born Katheryn C. Hickey; Children's Author, PCA for the elderly  &/or handicapped, & former foster child herself.  She is most commonly known, around the world, as Radio Host & Author & Keynote Speaker for Foster-care; "Sabrina Oxford".

In May 1988, her last foster dad spoke with her about a letter he had received in the mail from the state; who informed her foster dad that the check arriving was the last check arriving. With due apologies, he had informed her that she would be turning 18 the same week as graduating and that she needed to either start paying to live there or move out.

Although Katheryn was a B Honor Roll student, played in the high school band and even local nursing homes with some school friends, even though she was in church every Sunday and Wednesday & had requested the foster home of a pastor, & with no job, no car, no driver's license, & no money to pay; Katheryn was left with no other option than to return to her birth-dad; which brought about even more tears when situations lead to becoming homeless after all. 

Katheryn put herself through Dental Assisting School while living in an unstable housing situation. However, she still got herself to church every Sunday, sang in the choir and rose up out of the muck trying to hold her down. She has never given up in attempts to launch a foundation to assist other emancipated foster care teens to have a safty-net for their college options. 

After many years, books, radio shows, parades, & websites later; Katheryn has completed her life long dream of sending foster kids to college (You can find her in an Aug. 2017 issue of "The Observer" (in refrence to "Pearl Dive''); a Yankton, SD local paper.

Katheryn's care for changing foster care's educational options is so grand she even added a clause for the foundation to include the 1st Generation Off-Spring of anyone who emancipated out of the foster-care system & is willing to complete the 5 wk Mosaic "Faces in the Grid" Program!

*Although the foundation currently hosts the events in the state of MN & SD; we are always seeking ways of expanding & are open to input on every level topic. Plus, we will accept foster-care from other states who can secure lodging for their program time frame. Our future goals, in 2020 and beyond, will provide housing for outside state contestants.

My name is Eddie Gregory, Vice President to the board.
I owned a trucking / repo company for many years, a former minor league ball player around 1965, and have known the founder of this foundations for almost two decades now. Currently, I am an elderly & handicapped man with one leg. Katheryn is my fulltime PCA's and still finds times to accomplish her goals. Author of many books, she has never given up on her dreams to help other foster care children attend college. It was hard for her to get through the post-secondary education she put herself through. So, as her friend, I joined this board to do my part in helping to make sure Katheryn's goals get completed and foster care teens (and adults) can have hope for better options when they leave the system. I look forward to many years with foundation and expanding it's outreach in the years to come. Please join us in our journey.

Scott Kooistra,

Current Chair to the Board of People's Reach Out On Foster-care. 
Scott has spent many years of service with the KYNT 1450 Am Radio in Yankton, SD & has hosted the radio interviews with the founder & summer 2019 scholarship student... whose completed mosaic is on our home page; feel free to check it out!

Tammy Craig Treasure

Location is at "The Tax Ladies" on Broadway in Yankton, SD. *Keeps records of all funding coming in and out for the foundation.

Tanya Johnson

One of our newest additions this summer is a very good friend with a powerful and creative force behind her which she brings to our team. 

My name is Mike Johnson. I do the accountanting for the foundation. I was the one who assisted Katheryn in completing the legal forms required to make this foundation take off the ground. I am pleased to be taking part in such a worthy adventure and can not wait to follow the stories of those this foundation provides their future pathway. If you are wanting to invest, sponser, donate, advertise, or otherwise be apart of growing this foundation to better the life of those who need it... then please contact Katheryn, or myself with fundings, ASAP! Let's help build a brighter tomorrow in a place where your smile will actually change a life!

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People's Reach Out On Foster-care
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